21st Century Classroom

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The basic system has an instructor sit/stand station with articulating keyboard and desk top podium, a 2500 lumen projector, ceiling speakers for sound reinforcement, a media switcher, amplifier, computer & monitor, Extron MLC-104-IP controller, and 2 USB connectors on the desktop for connection to the PC. For the laptop there is power, network, and a pull through VGA cable with audio cable.

The projectors* in the 21st Century Classroom will have a minimum output of 2500 lumens which will allow the projection to be seen clearly with the classroom lights on, further allowing interaction with the students.

* make and model of projectors may vary from campus to campus


The planning and program review process of the College provided data that indicated a need for consistent standards and processes to update and upgrade the classroom environments across the College.  The College has consistently maintained a focus of quality education and the enhancement of the teaching environment where renovation or construction was taking place on each campus.  Although these renovations were of the quality for that particular campus, they were not consistent throughout the entire college. The lack of minimum standards for the different types of learning environments and even equipment increased cost and provided some challenges for some faculty who taught on two different campuses. 

If you have any problems with the computer or network connections please contact the help desk (4357). If there is a problem with the AV equipment, please contact your campus AV Tech (see list below) or the person your Dean has designated to support the classrooms on your campus.

BRChris Gunn7930
DMMilan Gumbarevic7384
PCSherrie Colgain2222
YBChuck Bowen7736

Each instructor station in the 21st Century Classroom will be equipped with an articulating keyboard which will allow the instructor to present from either a sitting or standing position.


The DVD/VCR combo unit included in the 21st Century Classroom will allow the instructor to utilize the newer DVD format or the standard VHS format tapes.

Connected directly to the video / data projector, the document camera allows viewing of print documents, 3D objects, photos, slides, negative and positive film, and X-rays.